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Sells Pro Training Trial Day

11:17 am

We look forward to welcoming the keepers to the Sells Pro Training Trial Day in Leicester tomorrow. Please note that you will only be able to enter the facility at 2 pm and not before. Please find the timetable below.

Registration 14:00
Session 1 @ 14:30
Break at 16:00
Session 2 @ 16.30
Debrief @ 17.45
Venue Address –
The Dome, a 3G All Weather location, is on Belvoir Drive, Aylestone, Leicester, LE2 8PW.

Please wear suitable footwear for 3G astroturf.

The Sells Pro Training trial days run independently and are not endorsed by Leicester City or any other football club. We book facilities to give young goalkeepers an experience in fantastic facilities and to showcase their talent in front of professional football team scouts. Tomorrow Derby County and Nottingham Forest have confirmed they are attending, plus one more club. The clubs will identify any players they would like details on, and then we will contact you before we pass on your names.

Most importantly, each goalkeeper enjoys the day and is relaxed. The drills we do is all geared towards your child showing their potential. Clubs aren’t looking for the finished article; they’re looking for potential!

All the Best

Matt & James

Sells Pro Training Trial Day